Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The ABC's of Privacy Practices for Educators

The article "The ABC's of Privacy Practices for Educators" attempts to educate teachers on the pitfalls of information loss. In todays digital transportable world, there are many ways in which information can be compromised. The steps to ensuring privacy include identifying the assets and classifying them. By classifying this information according to its level of security, it is then possible to build the privacy policies which will protect this information. In any school setting, there are numerous staff members which need access to various information, so levels of access must be set. The article goes on to describe a method for evaluating the information based on the type of information, the people responsible for collecting the information, the use of the information, the storage of the information, and the possible repercussions if the information was exposed. There is also information on the creation of passwords and encrypting/decrypting files in windows.

Q.1. What is a privacy policy?
A.1. " A privacy policy is a written statement that articulates how an organization handles the personally identifiable and private information it gathers and uses."

Q.2. What are some guidelines for choosing a password.
A.1. The best passwords are more that eight characters, they combine letters, numbers, and symbols, and they are easy to remember.

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